About Maggie

My Philosophy

Dash of Sass was created to share the importance of balance. This site is filled with healthy eating pointers for optimal nutrition backed by science. Find fitness and lifestyle encouragement with a sassy twist! 

My philosophy to a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It has no ending and should be demonstrated daily. 

My Story

Welcome to Dash of Sass! A place where I share my nutrition, fitness and lifestyle knowledge with adults from around the world. For those looking for delicious recipes, easy to follow fitness moves and tips and tricks to revamp their lifestyle, revive their health and regain happiness! Nutrition and fitness have always been a large part of my life, and I never forget to have fun while pursuing my passion for a healthy lifestyle. A jokester at heart and crowned a Professional Eye Roller by my dear fiancé, I hope you enjoy my informative yet witty spin on nutrition and fitness!

Being the youngest of four girls, our house was full of emotions. And I specialized in saucy sarcasm. While my love for sports dubbed me the boy-of-the-family title, dance was my forte. Nutrition played a vital role in my life as a dancer. After realizing I was never going to grow past 5 feet, balanced eating habits and activity levels became key to my petite frame.

After graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics (GO GREEN!), I then completed my dietetic internship at Iowa State University. I was lucky enough to begin my career as the Sports Nutrition Consultant for the Chicago Cubs Advanced A Minor League Team, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Having been born and raised a Cubs fan, this was all I could ask for to start off my profession with a BANG. Not only that, but what a year it was to be a part of the organization that won its first World Series in 108 years!

As the season concluded, my career path shifted to the health and wellness industry. I began the role of a virtual lifestyle coach, specializing in weight management and the first and only mobile Diabetes Prevention Program. This position has allowed me to pair nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes into one curriculum. That is when it dawned on me; I am sharing these tips on a daily basis with my clients, why not share my knowledge with anyone willing to learn? So, Dash of Sass was born!

Thank you for joining me on this crazy new adventure I have started and giving me a chance to shed some light on healthy living. As you surf around my site, keep in mind, my skills are in the kitchen, not the keyboard. I am passionate about helping others live a healthy life, but I make no claim to fame on impeccable grammar. So, you’re going to get a taste of my cooking with a side of run on sentences and comma splices. But that’s me, Maggie – real, raw, with a touch of class and a dash of sass.