Healthy Holiday Weekend Tips

Here we go! Memorial Day weekend is here! Time to kick off another great summer.

This weekend is always filled with BBQ's, beaches and beers! Believe me, I am all for kicking off summer the right way with cooking up some summer classics and fun cocktails. But that does not mean you have to derail everything. Most people have the mindset of "I'll do well during the week so I can splurge on the weekends". But the reality of it is, eating on the weekends still counts. If there was a magic way to make those calories disappear, we'd all be actively participating.

Here are some tips for staying on track with your festivities this weekend, and any weekend!

1. Set the tone for the day: Begin your day with a hearty breakfast. Fill up on protein and carbs to give you energy to take on the day. Also, get a quick workout in before everything begins. When you’re out and about celebrating, the last thing you’ll want to do is cut your festivities short to exercise. Working out in the morning allows you to get the workout done before you brain or body realizes what you are doing!

2. Be prepared: Even if you are not hosting an event, you may be going somewhere else where there will be lots of temptation. Bring your own dish! There is nothing a host loves more than a little bit of help. Cut up some fruit and prepare a fruit salad with a yogurt dip, or veggies and hummus! While you might be in control what is being served, you are in control of what you eat and how much.

3. Stay hydrated: The mimosas have already started calling my name! While I love my serving of fruit with a side of bubbly, alcohol contributes to only two things, empty calories and some killer dance moves. Now, I'm not saying you have to cut out your favorite beverages completely. Hydration is the key to enjoying your drinks. Before you pour another drink, have a glass of water first. Not only will this help fill you up a bit, but the hydration will also help with that hangover. Win-win!

4. Let. It. Go. The biggest piece of advice I can give to any situation is let it go. Don't feel guilty if you had an extra cookie, or an extra scoop of coleslaw. One bad meal or day is not going to make or break your health. Just like one good meal won't make you drop pounds. Balance is a part of living a healthy lifestyle. Feeling guilty about a food choice won't burn calories. Enjoy your life while finding that balance between indulgence and wellness!

Also, don't forget to thank a vet while your celebrating your Memorial Day weekend!


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