Say YES! to the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! Now that Halloween is over, we continue to look forward to our favorite holiday foods and treats. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, anyone? Cake and cookies around the Christmas tree? It seems as though the never ending parade of treats always has us going into the new year with one thing on our mind, resolutions.

While the holidays bring a lot of joy, they can also bring stress, anxiety and sometimes guilt. We tend to lose sight of the holiday spirit with these negative emotions. With that, comes putting our health on the back burner.

Give yourself the best gift this holiday season; mindfulness.

Going into the holiday season with a clear mindset that "it's OK I had a cookie", or "it's OK I skipped a workout", or "it's OK to have a couple cocktails" can make the holiday season much more enjoyable. This does not mean we get to throw in the towel and go crazy at the dessert counter. Forget the "New Year New Me" thinking that you'll get back on the wagon starting January. There is no wagon, there is no new you, there is no beginning and end to a healthy lifestyle. There is, however, the mindset of giving yourself the option to participate in your favorite foods and activities, while continuing to do something healthful for yourself each day.

Altering our mindset from guilt to a healthy balance is easier said then done. But each day is a chance to work on it! As we gear up for the festivities, I think it is important to remind ourselves that it is OK to say yes! When trying to stay on our healthy lifestyle path, we feel as though we have to say no to everything. But in a world of no's, it's time to say yes!

When we tell ourselves we cannot have something, that is when we tend to crave it more. Telling yourself you are "not allowed" to have dessert or a drink, guess what happens? You're only going to think about that dessert or drink! Giving ourselves wiggle room to say yes awards us the piece of mind that we are going to indulge in a more healthful way.

So, say yes to keeping mindful and balanced between holiday cheer and healthy habits! Say yes to keeping ourselves and our health a priority, while saying yes to our favorite holiday festivities. Creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, we are constantly thinking about our next move and decision. What will we have for our next meal? How are we going to fit in our next workout? How are we going to handle the next social event? The constant thinking of our choices prevents us from living life.

We're going to make this holiday season our most lively, mindful one yet! This is the time of year to be thankful for what we have. Be thankful we have food on the table. Be thankful we have the ability to workout. Be thankful we have resources to keep our health in check. Let's be thankful we can say yes to holiday activities, while giving our bodies what they need.


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