Give Yourself the Gift of Presence

In the middle of the holiday season, our schedules begin to fill with never ending temptations; parties, shopping, cooking, baking, making everyone a priority, but ourselves. This is when stress gets the best of us, steering us off track and losing focus. While the holiday season can be stressful, we have to remind ourselves this is a joyous time of year to spend with friends and family. It is up to us to keep that joy flowing. We can do so by giving ourselves a gift! This season, give yourself the gift of presence (no pun intended).

To be present means to be in the moment, to be aware and to be centered. It is very easy to lose sight of this, as the holiday season whizzes by! Before we know it, it's January and those post-holiday blues set in. We feel we did not enjoy the season because of how wrapped up we were in our schedules and tasks.

When we practice mindfulness and being present, we can make this our best holiday season, yet. Let's go over some ways we can be more present this year!

Tech Free Time - You ever look around the room and only see the tops of people's heads? Or notice the glow of blue light filling the area? Let's challenge ourselves to put down the devices, turn off the TV and be present!

Have a Mindful Meal - Food's purpose is to fuel us. Sometimes that fuel is on the go, leading to convenient options. Take the time to sit down and enjoy your meal. Use all your senses before beginning to eat. How does the food look? What does it smell like? How does that first bite taste? What texture does the food have?

Dance it Out - Put on your favorite song, crank it up and dance away! Nothing wrong with a family room dance party to channel some stress.

Schedule Some "Me" Time - Take yourself for a walk, get a mani/pedi, take a bubble bath, get lost in a book. Spending time with yourself gives you a sense of calmness and eases tension. Non-food rewards keep us motivated.

Being in the moment allows us to be a part of special moments. When we do not take the time to slow down, we miss out! We need to enjoy things as they are happening. To be present means to take a step back, take a deep breath and take it what is happening around us.

As stressful as the holidays can be, we make it more stressful by going in with a negative mindset. Let's re-frame our thoughts and enjoy this time together. We control our thoughts, which control our mood, which control our choices. Take control of this merry time and show yourself some gratitude. You only get one body in your life, take good care of it! Give yourself the gift of presence and appreciate this time.


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