Cheers to the Holidays!

One of the most common holiday barriers for folks is socializing. With social events comes alcohol. So let's talk about how to enjoy some low calorie cocktails without going overboard!

The general rule of thumb for alcohol nutrition is:

12 ounce beer = 140-220 (depending on lite or heavy)

5 ounce glass of wine = 80-120 calories

1 ounce of liquor = 90-100 calories

You have probably heard the term "empty calories" from alcohol. This is because these calories add up quickly, with nutritionally no purpose. Now that does not mean you have to stop going to holiday parties. We can still enjoy our drinks, just in a healthier way!

The best alcohol to stick with are any clear liquids;



-tequila (no dancing on tables!)

Now, those delicious mixed drinks you love? How can you pass up a half priced cocktail at happy hour? These concoctions are loaded with calories and sugar. On average,

4 ounce Margarita = 168 calories

3 ounce Cosmopolitan = 146 calories

2 ounce Extra Dry Martini = 139 calories

Pair these liquors with items like water, club soda, seasonal fruit slices, or fresh herbs. These additions add no sugar or calories to your drinks! A good way to remember, club soda or tonic? Tonic = toxic! It has other ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, that add calories and sugar. Club soda and seltzer waters may have minerals added to them, but do not contribute to calories or sugar.

If you are enjoying some adult beverages at your next party or family gathering, my tip to you is to choose those drinks wisely. Have a glass of water between each drink to help fill up, as well as stay hydrated! Get some exercise in before heading out to set the tone for the evening. Enjoy your time and feel good about your choices! Cheers!


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