What Will You Gain When You Lose?

Well, 2018, here we are! Another year has come and gone. Now comes the crowded gyms, the picked over produce and one thing on our mind, loss.

But what if we changed our mindset? Instead of thinking about what we have to lose or change, what if we think of it in terms of what we can gain?

Whether you have to lose weight or not, the New Year is always a time to start fresh. Every first of January, we tell ourselves, "this is our year". But this frame of thinking fizzles out quickly most of the time. It can be very overwhelming to think about all the changes we want to make. Which is why New Year's resolutions usually fail. We take on too much, try to alter too many areas in our life and end up resorting back to our old habits, changing nothing.

Changes in your life do not have to come in big waves. Making small tweaks here and there add up very quickly. One quote that has stuck out to me lately is:

"You cannot change your life unless you change something you do daily".

Going on a juice cleanse for a week does not mean you are building a healthier body. It may be a step in the right direction for you, but how long does it last? Maybe 3 days? Then, what? You resort back to your old eating habits and feel like a failure. That's because deprivation is the biggest motivation killer!

So let's change our thinking! Let's think about what we can gain when we lose.

Let's gain self confidence! Self acceptance and self love are very important in a healthy lifestyle. If you do not take care of yourself and accept yourself, how do you expect others to be accepting? You deserve self respect and to give your body the best life. You only get one body. It's time we start taking care of them, the same way we take care of our cars, electronics and others.

Let's gain energy! With changes to our nutrition and activity levels, we can gain energy. Increasing physical activity increases blood flow to our muscles and releases endorphins. These are our "feel good" hormones. Exercising not only strengthens our muscles, but also our bones, heart health and immune system.

Let's gain mindfulness! Mindfulness can be practiced in all areas of life; nutrition, exercise, work, family, etc. To be mindful, means to be present and aware. As we make changes in our lives, we become more aware of how they are effecting our lives for the better. This can lead to feeling more balanced and in control of our changes, giving us the strength to change more!

So let's change our mindset for 2018! We're not here to lose, we're here to gain. As you make changes, think about what that change will bring to your life. And remember, diets have a beginning and end, but lifestyles last a lifetime. Don't make a resolution but make a revelation!


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